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About City of Lafayette, Louisiana Utility Revenue Bonds

LUS has played a vital role in the Lafayette community for more than 100 years, and our commitment continues to grow. Our employees are devoted to providing quality, reliable utility services to every customer.

We take pride in our dedication to safety as well as our community involvement. As a publicly owned utility, we are honored to provide low rates to our community and help to make it a better place to work and live.

From electric services to fiber to your home, we are steadfast in improving the way you live. I hope that every experience with us is informative and filled with Southern Hospitality!

The City is the center of a region that's both multi-cultural and multi-industrial, and is surrounded by a unique, publicly-owned fiber optic loop. "From oil and gas extraction to crawfish farming, we've created unique industries while developing technologies that are now the global standard," states Gregg Gothreaux, President and CEO of the Lafayette Economic Development Authority.

Today, Lafayette has diversified by positioning itself as a medical, transportation, finance, technology, entertainment, education and retail hub. The business base of the parish includes energy services, manufacturing, health care, transportation and distribution, education, information technology, finance, tourism and other service-related industries. The resilience of Lafayette's economy is attributed to our strategic growth, entrepreneurial spirit and skilled workforce that demonstrates a strong work ethic influenced by southern values. With this foundation, Lafayette Parish is able to foster an economy that supports a growing population and diverse industry sectors.

Welcome Letter

On behalf of Lafayette Consolidated Government, I would like to welcome you to our new investor relations website. We appreciate your interest and investment in bonds issued by the City of Lafayette, as it allows us to make critical investments in public infrastructure throughout the region. We are committed to maintaining our strong bond ratings, and we are also committed to being as transparent as possible with the investor community and public at large.

I hope you find this website useful as you seek to better understand the credit fundamentals of Lafayette Consolidated Government. Please do not hesitate to contact our office with suggestions for how we can improve the information provided. Thanks again for your interest in our bond program.

Lorrie R. Toups
Lorrie R. Toups
Chief Financial Officer